The puppies from Sienna and Kobe are born on October 12!

Here you can see Sienna's temperature a few days before welping date.

Day Time Temperature
7/10/'15 18:30 37,8°C
8/10/'15 19:00 37,8°C
9/10/'15 10:30 37,7°C
9/10/'15 22:30 38,0°C
10/10/'15 8:00 37,8°C
10/10/'15 15:00 37,8°C
10/10/'15 20:30 37,9°C
11/10/'15 8:00 37,5°C
11/10/'15 11:30 37,0°C
11/10/'15 14:00 36,8°C

From the moment her temperature dropped at oktober 11th Sienna started to be very restless. Around 21:30 Annemiek came to help me with the delivery, but Sienna keeped us waiting. Around 2:45 she clearly started having contractions and at 3 AM the first puppy appeared, a beautifull red merle bitch. But then all of a sudden there were two, she gave birth to a red tri bitch at the same time. 15 minutes later she gave us another red girl followed within minutes by another red merle girl. She was clearly in a hurry, 4 puppies in 15 minutes.
At 3:30 the firt male was born, a very nicely marked red bi. He was followed at 3:50 by a red tri bitch with very bright tan markings. 20 minutes later again a very nice red tri bitch was born. at 5 AM last but not least a big red tri boy was born.

True to the Bone Alluring Looks 'Ashley'
Female red merle with white and tan
Born at 3:00
Weigtht: 352 gram

True to the Bone Always Alert 'Amber'
Female red tri
Born at 3:00
Weight: 406 gram

True to the Bone Awesome All Around 'Adèle'
Female red bi
Born at 3:15
Weight: 388 gram

True to the Bone Ain't Distracted 'Amy'
Female red merle met wit en tan
Born at 3:17
Weight: 330 gram

True to the Bone All About Attitude 'Aico'
Male red bi
Born at 3:30
Weight: 360 gram

True to the Bone Amazing Focus 'Aiden'
Female red tri
Born at 3:50
Weight: 394 gram

True to the Bone Agile Arrow 'Abby'
Female red tri
Born at 4:11
Weight: 392 gram

True to the Bone Absolute Power 'Austin'
Male red tri
Born at 5:00
Weight: 348 gram