Welcome at True to the Bone Australian Shepherds.

The Australian Shepherd is a true working dog, energetic without being nervous. A guarding dog and reserved without being frightened or aggressive towards strangers or other animals. Also incrdibly versitale, easy to train and highly intelligent with a strong desire to work for its owner.
It's a shame that there seems to be a big difference between working bred and confirmation bred aussies. My ideal aussie is a well- balanced dog, with moderate bone and sound movement, that also shows willingness to work, focus, drive, power and control and is able to work livestock.

Above is my vision and an ideal to try to acomplish.

Appearance, temperament, working ability and last but definitely not least health will be taken into consideration when planning a litter.
Puppies will be placed based on temperament, but we do take preferences into account.


1 week old
The puppies are already 1 week old, check out the 'puppies' page to see new pictures of the puppies.

The Puppies from Sienna and Kobe have been born!! Check out the 'puppies' page to see the little miracles.

Litter update
Sienna's pregnancy has been confirmed, visit this page to follow her pregnancy.

Litter update
Sienna has breen bred, if everything goes as planned we will expect puppies mid-October.

Litter expected
Sienna is keeping us waiting, she still hasn't come into season yet.. Nature has different plans then us, so we don't expect puppies before the beginning of october.

LASC Eksel
We were at agility cometition in Belgium, on jumping we earned a Q,3th place and JS-O, Second Jumpers elimination because she saw her lead and retrieved it before we where finished On Regular we had both times a Q and once a 3th place and RS-N. On Gamblers we just missed out on Q but we still came in 4th. Check our Youtube channel to see our rounds.

KC Uden
Another FCI agility competition, We earned are last 'Utje' today (Qualifying round) in regular A large(fci agility). And with that we are promoted!

KC Scheldezoom
FCI agility competition today, on regular I was not clear and Sienna took a jump from the wrong side, DQ. We did better on jumpers, We got a clear round and a 6th place out of 70 participants.

26/02/2015 Sienna's eyes are tested clear! (ECVO)
I also updated the puppies- page with more information about the planned litter.

KC Zeist
Sienna and I succesfully passed our FCI- Obedience 1 exam

HSC de Pijnhorst
We had a great day at the agility competition, we earned are second 'Utje' today (Qualifying round) in jumping A large(fci agility). We became 6th out of 82 contestants! In regular we became 9th, Sienna trew 1 bar.

Snow pictures
Today I uploaded some new pictures on Flickr, go to the Photografie page or click on the picture on the left to see them.

Agility Friends
Happy new year!!
Because Sienna was in heat and the cold weather our last agility training was some months ago and it showed at the competition. But we both had a lot of fun and that's the most important thing!

Y-Pets Youtube channel Did you know you can also follow us on youtube. We post videos regularly of training, tricks and competitions. Take a look around and watch our latest uploads. Sienna and her aussiefriend Kiara.

LASC Agility Trial
It was not our best day at the trial in Geel, Sienna was distracted and barking a lot. Still we got one nice Open Jumpers round wich was Qualifying and a 3th place. Movie of the runs

HSV Speed en Eemland
We earned our first 'Utje' in A large (fci)! I planned to use the game to practise contacts, because we did the contact several times we had a DQ. Also a DQ on regular we went very fast, to fast because Sienna missed a jump and then I put her back at the A frame because I want her contacts to become more reliable.Jumping was our best round, it was a clear round we got 6st place and our first U.

KC Arnhem
Sienna was such a good dog today, it has been a while since our last competition. On the game we trew the second bar so no points earned there. Regular went very well untill Sienna missed her contact and trew a bar, 25th place. On jumping we also trew a bar but still a 20th place.
movies of todays runs

DWAS Agility Trial
Sienna has earned herzelf two more titels today JS-N and GS-N she had 5 qualifying rounds at the agility trial out of 6 runs, her only fault in regular was a jump from de See Saw. Movie of the runs

DWAS Stockdog Trial
At the JJ ranch Sienna and I had two qualifying scores on our fist Sheep herding trail, earning her STDs titel. I'm very proud on my girl with scores of 75 and 81 we came in 2th and 3th.

agilitytrial KC Zoys
Sienna did a great job at the Cynophilia agility competition,at thejumpers she made a mistake at the weaves and we became 23th. And on Regular we became 45th out of 88 participants watch our runs here

Dogshow De Utrecht
Sensational Spirit This is True 'Sienna' 4th place Excellent in a very strong group, she did great.

Dogshow Eindhoven
Sensational Spirit This is True 'Sienna' 1st place Excellent open class!

DWAS Winter Agility Trial
Sienna did a great job at our first agility competition. She scored one Q at novice jumpers and one Q and third place on novice regular.