• Sienna 3,5 years old

  • Sheep herding with Noelle

  • Agility is our favorite sport!

  • Together with Mylo

  • Sienna's parents

Sensational Spirit This is True STDs JS-O RS-N GS-N 'Sienna'

  • Sire: Mill Creek's Night Flight
  • Dam: Sassy Shake of Clan Miphydes
  • DOB: 04/05/2011

  • HD A Norbergwaarde 40 (tested at 26 months)
    ED Free (tested at 26 months)
    MDR1 Carrier (by DNA)
    HSF4 Free (free by parantage)
    DM Carrier (by DNA)
    CMR1 Free (by DNA)
    CEA Free (by DNA)
    PRAprcd Free (by DNA)
  • FCI pedigree
  • Picture pedigree
  • Show and sport results

Sienna is my first Australian Shepherd and eveything I expected this breed to be like. She's a very active dog with a strong will- to- please and has great focus when we're working. She is reserved with strangers, but always in for a cuddle.

To me Sienna is an amazing aussie. She may seem calm, sweet and easy, but that's only the result of hours of training and socialisation. Together we're trying all sorts of sports and we're also exploring the show ring. Sienna likes to be in control of her surroundings and sometimes she finds it hard to let me take the lead. She is an absolute joy in training whatever I imagine she allways makes the most of it. Because of her calm and confident attitude she is allways foccused and easy to train. She is my shadow and follows me everywhere. Sienna keeps me company in my grooming salon on a daily basis, while she's waiting to assist me.

Sienna is trained in obedience, agility and sheep herding. click here to see her certificates
Thanks again Marije and Bertie for this fanastic companion!

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